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Co-Designing Participatory Approaches for Communities: Making Sense H2020 CAPS Project

This report is focused on the main outputs of a co-design and generative tools workshop with partners and key players from the Making Sense communities, in which the main results were targeted for use “on the ground” with collective ownership by those who would benefit the most from them. It is an enriched textual and visual summary of the workshop, its methods and main exercises, aiming at producing flexible and encompassing participatory framework for urban citizen sensing. The document is structured as follows: Section 1) Co-Creation and Participation in Community Engagement describes the main purposes, key activities and outcomes of the co-design and generative tools workshop; Section 2) Open Shared Framework to Build and Sustain Communities describes the framework that emerged in the final session of the workshop, while also drawing from presentations and exchanges that took place throughout the two days; Section 3) Proposing a Minimally Viable Open Manifesto for Making Sense puts forward a set of principles or guidelines as recommendations for conducting a participatory approach within community engagement contexts for collective environmental monitoring.