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Citizens Science and Environmental Monitoring


On the 21st and 22nd of November 2018, a two days' workshop was co-organized, by the JRC and the Working Group 3 “Improving Society-Science Policy Interface” of the COST Action 15212 “Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe”. The workshop took place at the JRCs premises in Ispra, Italy. This event represented an excellent and timely opportunity to host stakeholders groups from policy bodies, scientific communities and representatives from a number of Citizens' Science associations, and to discuss and elaborate on the opportunities and challenges brought forward by the increasing need and use of Citizen Science (CS) approaches in support to policy making. The ultimate goal of the workshop was to provide recommendations, stemming from all stakeholders, namely from the scientific, policy and citizens perspectives, on the way forward for improving developments, promoting and accelerating the use of Citizens Science for (environment-related) policy making throughout Europe. The Workshop acted also as a springboard for presenting the outline and intermediate findings of a recent study commissioned by DG Environment ('Study on an inventory of citizen science activities for environmental policies') and a very first draft of the guidelines for CS in support to environmental reporting, which is currently under development as part of the Actions to Streamline Environmental Reporting (COM(2017) 312). These very first draft documents provided useful material for discussion, especially in view of developing the above mentioned guidelines.