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The certification of the massic activities of the radionuclide 60Co in stainless steel disks EURM 800 and 801


This report describes the production of EURM 800 and EURM 801, stainless steel disks containing a certified value for the massic activity of 60Co. The material was produced following ISO 17034. The material was produced at a contractor site. After the production the material was shipped to the JRC in Geel where compliance with the technical specifications was checked. The material was found to meet the technical specifications and characterisation was carried out. The material was characterised by an intercomparison among six laboratories of demonstrated traceability to national or international standards. The different results of the material characterisation were combined into the certified value in compliance with the standard ISO 17034 and ISO Guide 35. The uncertainties on the certified values were calculated in compliance with the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM). It includes uncertainties related to possible inhomogeneity, instability and characterisation. These materials are intended for the assessment of method performance and quality control. As with any reference materials, these materials can also be used for control charts or validation studies. The Certified Reference Materials (CRM) are available in the shape of a stainless steel disk. The disk shall be used as such (minimum sample intake shall be one disk) and shall not be treated with any chemicals. The individual certificates for EURM 800 and EURM 801 are added.