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Communication plan for the European Energy Efficiency Platform

The European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) and in particular the Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate is providing support to the implementation of the European Energy Efficiency directive with special focus on contrasting the lack of comprehensive and coherent data in all the areas of energy efficiency. For this purpose, it has designed and developed the web platform E3P – European Energy Efficiency Platform, as a tool to facilitate knowledge exchange and to meet the needs of the online community of experts. In order to be fully exploited, the European Energy Efficiency Platform needs to be known, in the community of energy efficiency experts, but also in the community of energy efficiency stakeholders, and ultimately to the policy makers. The present report outlines a communication strategy for the E3P web platform, specifying which are the communication goals, what are the right means and how to use them to achieve these goals. A set of promotional activities are planned for a specific period of time and for defined targets of users of the platform. These activities can be developed in the next project steps, e.g. from the first 2018 semester. This strategy also delineates the mix of media as well as the content and clarifies which kind of messages the E3P web platform would like to communicate and how to do it.