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Artificial Intelligence at the JRC


This document presents the contributions presented at the first internal workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI), organized by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. This workshop was held on 23rd May at the premises of the JRC in Ispra (Italy), with video-conference to all JRC's sites. The workshop aimed to gather JRC specialists on AI to share their experience, to identify opportunities for meeting the EC demands on AI, and explore synergies among different JRC's working groups on AI. The full-day session workshop was organized around three main topical strands entitled Policy support, New Initiatives and Technology Development. Contributions covered a wide range of areas, including applications of AI to Cybersecurity, Transport, Environment, Health and other specific issues. This report is structured according to those main topics of study. According to the JRC Director General Vladimír Šucha: 'The workshop was very stimulating and interesting presenting a broad spectrum of activities and competencies across JRC. It gave a great opportunity to build a strong and hopefully useful position in the field of AI/ML'. While the first part of the workshop was mainly informative, in the second part we collectively discussed about JRC priorities and the set-up of a Community of Practice (now available at dealing with AI and Big Data. Finally, the preliminary results of the online survey were presented. All colleagues were excellent in communicating their scientific activity in a flash and efficient way.