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Supply of and Demand for Nuclear Experts in the EU BY 2020: EHRO-N Report (2012)

A report from EHRO-N (European Human Resource Observatory of the Nuclear Energy Sector) published in 2012: 1. Determines that the supply of employees with specific educational background and competences, called nuclear experts, does not correspond to the demand for the same employees in the EU by 2020, and that 2. It is useful to put the data on the supply of and demand for nuclear experts in the EU in perspective, using available statistical data on supply of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) graduates in EU and data on the employed HRST (human resources in science and technology) in the EU labour market. For more refined and accurate data that can determine policy directions, the most effective way would be to conduct regular nuclear human resource monitoring exercises in the EU in the future. This paper is a summary of the first findings as well as of the lessons learnt.