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Smart grid opportunities and applications in Turkey

A smart grid is a system that uses information and communication technologies to integrate, in an intelligent way, the behaviour and actions of all users connected to the electrical power system. For this purpose, information about the electrical network, such as the current, the voltage or the power, is gathered together over time so that the behaviour of suppliers and consumers can be observed and automatically coordinated. Smart grids are becoming an important element in the configuration of future electrical power systems. A lot of research has been done on using smart grids to achieve highly efficient and user-friendly electrical power systems. Many new methods have been introduced to solve the difficulties energy providers face when transforming conventional electrical networks into smart grids. These difficulties include the integration of renewable energy and different grid systems at national and international levels due to changes in frequency, voltage and in the synchronisation mechanism. This paper provides an outline of the European smart grid projects and gives an overview of the current infrastructure and smart grid applications of the Turkish Electricity Production Company (EUAS), Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS), and Turkish Electricity Distribution Company (TEDAS). In this paper the feasibility of the further steps required is described and some assessments are made and suggestions given on smart grid developments in general.