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New approaches in GMO detection

The steady rate of development and diffusion of GM plants and their increasing diversification in characteristics, genes and genetic control elements poses a challenge in GMO analysis. It is expected that in the near future the picture will be even more complex. Traditional approaches, mostly based on the sequential detection of one target at a time, or on a limited multiplexing, allowing only few targets to be analysed at once, do no longer meet the testing requirements. Along with the development of new analytical technologies, new approaches towards global GMO analysis have been developed that rely on 1) a smart and accurate strategy for target selection, 2) the use of high throughput systems or platforms for the detection of multiple targets and 3) on algorithms that allow the conversion of analytical results into an indication of the presence of individual GMO(s) potentially present in an unknown sample. This paper addresses the critical aspects listed above taking examples from the most recently developed strategies and tools.