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Empirical fragility functions based on remote sensing and field data after the 12 January 2010 Haiti Earthquake

In the immediate aftermath of the Haiti earthquake of 12 January 2010, a joint work for the estimation of damages to the building stock based on aerial images was carried out by UNITAR-UNOSAT, the EC-JRC and the World Bank/ImageCAT in support of the PDNA. A targeted field campaign was led to the areas affected by the disaster in collaboration with the CNIGS with the purpose of validating the remote sensing based damage assessment. These two methodologies for collecting data resulted in two data sets of the damaged buildings categorised according to the EMS-98 damage grades. In the present study, fragility functions for different urban zones of Haiti, i.e. low-, medium- and high-density built-up and shanty zones, are developed from the remote sensing damage assessment data and structural fragilities for buildings grouped with respect to material type and number of stories are derived on the basis of field damage data.