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Policy Making 2.0: Unleashing the power of big data for public governance

The chapter provides an overview of the current debate and state of the art in the domain of big data aiming at assessing the current and potential use of ICT tools for collaborative governance and policy modelling for opening up government operations and enhance the 'intelligence' of the policy-making process. The analysis is based on the roadmapping exercise conducted as part of the CROSSOVER Project - Bridging Communities for Next Generation Policy Making, an FP7 funded support action of the European Commission, with specific regard to the implications of big data on the research challenges of the Policy Making 2.0 Roadmap, being developed to provide an outline of what technologies are available now for policy-makers to improve their work, and what could become available in the future. In order to do so, the chapter provides an analysis based on a meta review and selected results of analysis of case studies to identify the characteristics and benefits resulting from applications of big data techniques and methodologies within the context of ICT solutions for collaborative governance and policy modelling, highlighting opportunities, challenges and current practices in public governance, in Europe and worldwide. Building on the results of the analysis, implications of big data on policy-making are drawn and future research and policy directions are outlined.