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An approach for pan-European monitoring of forest fragmentation


This document describes the design process, definitions, and algorithmic implementation for the pan-European Assessment of Forest Fragmentation. This study is a preceding presentation of the indicator 4.7 in the State of Europe’s Forests 2020 report, published by FOREST EUROPE. The spatial forest coverage is assessed from the Copernicus CORINE Land Cover dataset (CLC, version 20, downloaded in July 2019) for the years 1990, 2000, 2006, 2012, 2018. Spatially explicit maps and statistical summaries are derived at three reporting levels: CLC (entire CLC coverage), EU28 and at country level. The status product consists of maps and summary statistics for each year and assessment level. The change product highlights areas where non-forest and forest fragmentation classes changed over time. The change product is provided for the time frame 2000 to 2018, which is the longest time span with comparable data coverage.