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AirSensEUR: and open data/software/hardware multi-sensor platform for air quality monitoring: Part B: Host, influx datapush and assembling of AirSensEUR

AirSensEUR is an open source platform developed by the Joint Research Centre and LiberaIntentio, a SME specialized in Internet of Things, for monitoring ambient air quality by specialized laboratories, public bodies or citizens using low-cost sensors. All development aspects owned by JRC about AirSensEUR are made freely available through the use of public licenses. AirSensEUR has the capacity to behave as a node within a network of multi sensors assuring interoperability and compliance with the INSPIRE Directive. It consists of a sensor shield that holds the sensors for gaseous and ancillary measurements and a host (electronic board) that integrates functionalities shared by sensor shields including datapush, GPS positioning, CPU and programing languages. The first AirSensEUR sensor shield was presented in a previous report of the series of AirSensEUR reports. This report presents the host development, the AirSensor assembly with sensor boxes and InFlux dataPush.