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AI Watch - National strategies on Artificial Intelligence: A European perspective in 2019


One of the key priorities of the European Commission’s Coordinated Plan on AI is to encourage Member States to develop their national AI strategies by the end of 2019, outlining investments levels and implementation measures. The objective of this report is to present and gather information on all EU Member States' national AI strategies in a structured and comprehensive way. It aims to help Member States to compare their strategy and to identify areas for strengthening synergies and collaboration. Published national AI strategies are analysed to identify the most relevant policy areas and to develop a common AI Policy Framework that can be used for the presentation of policy initiatives. In this sense, this report follows a similar approach as used in the AI strategies, by presenting policy initiatives from a holistic perspective. To highlight the numerous economic and policy outlooks from which the transformative nature of AI can be explored, this report presents policy initiatives across various policy areas, including human capital (i.e. educational development), from the lab to the market (i.e. research & development, innovation, business and public sector development), networking (i.e. collaboration and dissemination), regulation (i.e. ethical guidelines, legislation and standardisation) and infrastructure (i.e. data and telecommunication infrastructure). In this endeavour, the European Commission notably collaborated with the OECD on collecting and analysing national strategies on Artificial Intelligence in the EU Member States. This report will be updated and released on an annual basis.