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Adapting the SELFIE tool for work-based learning systems in Vocational Education and Training


SELFIE is an online self-reflection tool to help schools see how they are using digital technologies for teaching and learning, and plan for improvement. The objective is to conduct a feasibility study in view of adapting SELFIE to work-based learning (WBL) systems in Europe. The aim of this exercise is to explore to what extent, and with what scope the SELFIE tool could also be meaningfully used in the context of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and WBL, including apprenticeships or dual VET. The study finds that there is a need for a SELFIE for work-based learning, especially to bring VET institutions and companies closer in discussing how they jointly embed digital technology in the education and training provided. It concludes that it is also feasible to adjust SELFIE to work-based learning in VET. This means firstly allowing accommodation, with minimal changes, to the majority of work-based learning settings in formal VET; and secondly exploring more fundamental changes to cater for settings that are less widespread but are quintessentially apprenticeships.