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Accident Damage Analysis Module (ADAM). Novel European Commission tool for Consequence Assessment - Scientific Evaluation of Performance


The present paper summarises the evaluation of the performance of the Accident Damage Analysis Module (ADAM) developed by the European Commission, Joint Research Centre to assist the EU Competent Authorities, responsible for the implementation of the Seveso Directive in quickly assessing the potential consequences of an industrial accident. This evaluation activity was conducted on the whole consequence assessment cycle, by including the source terms and the physical effects calculations associated with the concentration toxics after airborne dispersion, the thermal radiation of chemical fires, and the explosion of vapour flammable clouds. Consequence assessment models are characterised by high level of complexity and of uncertainty. It is therefore of paramount importance to assess their limits. This evaluation activity was conducted on a series of relevant scenarios, by benchmarking the outcome of ADAM with the results obtained by similar software tools and with the experimental data obtained on a series of reference field campaigns, as taken from the literature.