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The 2018 PREDICT Key Facts Report. An Analysis of ICT R&D in the EU and Beyond

The 2018 PREDICT Key Facts Report provides a detailed analysis of the state of ICT R&D activities in the European Union. This is the eleventh edition of a series that is published annually. Like the previous editions, an online version is available at: The report covers the period between 1995 and 2015, providing a long-term analysis of the European Union (EU) ICT sector and its R&D, covering a whole cycle from the initial expansion years, to the double recession that began in early 2008, and the most recent evolution up to 2015. Whenever possible, the report includes nowcasted data for 2016 and 2017. The statistical information provided by the figures allows comparing the ICT sector with the total economy; the ICT manufacturing sector with the ICT services sector; each of the four ICT manufacturing, two ICT services, MC and RS sectors’ behaviour; the pace followed by each EU country; and the pattern of the EU in an international context, including the most relevant countries from the perspective of the role they play in the world economy today, especially from the ICT R&D perspective.