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The 2018 PREDICT Dataset represents the most comprehensive information system available on ICT industries and their R&D, and is a reference point also for the EU Digital Agenda Scoreboard. The 2018 PREDICT Dataset provides a detailed analysis of the state of ICT R&D and other macroeconomic variables in the European Union and in the major competing economies.

This is the 11th edition of a series that is published annually. The PREDICT dataset has been deepened and expanded along the years in order to include complementary dimensions, such as the Media and Content sector. Since 2017, an updated methodology for estimating ICT Government budget allocations for R&D (ICT GBARD) is applied. Furthermore, for the most important indicators, existing PREDICT time series have been reconstructed back to 1995, while the main indicators are nowcasted for 2016 and 2017, thus providing comparable time series from 1995 to 2017.

The 2018 PREDICT Dataset is based on the latest data available from official sources (such as National Accounts and R&D statistics from Eurostat and OECD). Missing data have been filled in by applying statistical methods explained in the Methodology. As a consequence, the figures presented in the PREDICT Dataset may not be directly comparable with those of corresponding indicators published by Eurostat.

The 2018 PREDICT Dataset can be downloaded:

a) As a compressed Excel file for each economic variable:





/jrc/en/file/archive/175309Labour Productivity per person

/jrc/en/file/archive/175308Labour Productivity per hour

/jrc/en/file/archive/175299Business R&D

/jrc/en/file/archive/175300Business R&D

/jrc/en/file/archive/175301Business R&D

/jrc/en/file/archive/175305Government Budget Allocations for R&

/jrc/en/file/archive/175304Government Budget Allocations for ICT R&

/jrc/en/file/archive/175303Euro Exchange

/jrc/en/file/archive/175311Purchasing Power



Each zip file contains one or more Excel files portraying data (in some cases one for euro and one for PPS values) and another corresponding to metadata (containing reference to sources, and to whether each specific cell is estimated or corresponds to the originally available data). The data structure is explained in the first sheet of each file.

b) As a single compressed Excel or CSV file (long format):

Package icon 2018 PREDICT (in XLSX)
Package icon 2018 PREDICT (in CSV)