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Zsombor Cseres-Gergely

Cseres-Gergely Zsombor

Zsombor Cseres-Gergely is a research fellow at the Finance and Economy Unit of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission (Ispra, Italy).

He works on describing the processes and characterising the drivers of income inequality in the European Union.

He has obtained his PhD at CEU Central European University in 2009 after having studied at the Corvinus University of Budapest and then at the UCL Economics Department in London.

Already before joining the JRC, Zsombor has been involved in policy support as an ad-hoc consultant to international organisations, has been working as a member of the European Employment Policy Observatory network for DG EMPL for 7 years and has funded Budapest Institute, a think-tank providing evidence-informed policy support.

Being a contract agent with the JRC, he is currently on unpaid leave from the Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a research fellow and an associate of its Databank.

Zsombor’s activities are centred on empirical economic research and making it useful for policy. His research revolves around individuals and households, in particular employment, income, consumption and their connection as well as macroeconomic and fiscal effect – see his RePEc page.

In the past, he has written on household consumption behaviour and its fiscal and welfare effects, as well as on ageing, retirement and its connection to the labour market.

He was also involved in labour market program evaluations and a major forecasting project of the Hungarian labour market. He was a regular contributor to the yearbook `The Hungarian Labour Market' and the co-editor of its statistical chapter.

Currently he is working on better understanding income inequality in the EU as a single entity, opposed to looking at member states separately. His work in progress includes the inequality effects of Chinese trade expansion, the relationship of income inequality and intra-EU mobility and the effect of household finances on job mobility.