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Wouter van der Wielen

Portrait of Wouter van der Wielen

Wouter van der Wielen is a research fellow working in the Fiscal Policy Analysis team at JRC – Seville. His main topic of research is the fiscal policy effect of unemployment changes, e.g. their importance for the determination of the cyclically adjusted budget balance. He also contributes to the team's tax reform analyses for the member states' in-depth reviews.

Before joining the Fiscal Policy Analysis team, Wouter worked as a research fellow at KU Leuven (Belgium).

He obtained a PhD in Economics from KU Leuven. His PhD research mainly focused on whether and how fiscal discipline is to be enhanced without hampering economic recovery. For example, he investigated the design of efficient borrowing constraints under budgetary uncertainty, identified the stochastics of EMU budget balances and analysed fiscal rule infringement risks.

His research interests include fiscal policy, fiscal sustainability, fiscal federalism, macroeconomics, econometrics, and political economy.