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Stefano Galmarini

Portait of Stefano Galmarini

Stefano Galmarini conducted his university studies in Milan where he got his degree in Physics. He thereafter got a PhD position at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research of the University of Utrecht (NL).

He graduated in 1997 with a thesis on modeling turbulent transport of chemically reactive species in the atmosphere.

He arrived in Ispra in 1997 with a post doctoral position and was hired as temporary agent in the year 2000 in the IES. His field of research is modeling atmospheric transport of passive and reactive tracers with main focuses on transport in the atmospheric boundary layer, long range transport of radio nuclides and photochemistry, air quality model evaluation. He has participated in several international experiments and exercises among which ETEX (European tracer experiment).  He has been the promoter and scientific project leader of the ENSEMBLE activity which is currently and institutional activity of the JRC and several other international model inter-comparison exercises and activities (RTMOD, MESOCOM, ESCOMPTE-INT, DAM, FAIRMODE, AQMEII P1, AQMEII P2, AQMEII P3).

So far, he has published more than 110 peer-reviewed papers and 100 among contribution to monographs, conference proceeding and reports, in the field of atmospheric process study, modelling, model evaluation, atmospheric dispersion but also, well being and economic decoupling from carbon based activities.