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René van Bavel

Portrait of René van Bavel

René van Bavel completed his undergraduate degree in economics at Queen's University, Canada, and his MSc and PhD in social psychology at the London School of Economics. He is currently working on applying behavioural sciences to EU policy, both as part of a JRC-wide policy support effort across policy areas and as the leader of a project focusing on behaviour in the information society at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. Previously at the JRC he worked as a researcher, policy analyst and team leader in the policy area of research and innovation. His research interests include the social psychology of economic thought, behavioural nutrition and physical activity, social representations and qualitative methodology. Prior to joining the JRC in 2003, he taught social psychology at the University of Cambridge. He has published in Culture & Psychology, BMC Public Health, Journal of Consumer Culture and Economics of Innovation and New Technology.