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Michaela Saisana

Portrait of Michaela Saisana

Michaela Saisana is a senior Scientific Officer and leads the European Commission’s Competence Centre on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards (COIN).

She conducts and coordinates research (COIN Competence Centre) on multidimensional measures for evidence-based policy making on social, economic, health and environmental issues. She has been an invited speaker on the role of statistical coherence tests, uncertainty and global sensitivity analysis for the development of multidimensional measures on over 200 international conferences and workshops. She has organised the JRC's Annual Training on Composite Indicators and Multicriteria Analysis since 2005. She has audited over 60 well-known composite indicators, upon invitation of the United Nations, Transparency International, World Economic Forum, INSEAD, World Intellectual Property Organization, and others.

She has co-authored two books: 2008 OECD/JRC Handbook on Composite Indicators and 2008 Global Sensitivity Analysis-The Primer (Wiley). Her publications deal with sensitivity analysis, composite indicators, multicriteria analysis, multivariate analysis, data envelopment analysis and multi-objective optimization (20 peer-reviewed publications, 60 working papers & contributions to monographs). In 2004 she was awarded the European Commission – JRC Young Scientist Prize in Statistics and Econometrics in recognition of her research on composite indicators. She has a PhD and an MSc in Chemical Engineering.


European Commission-Joint Research Centre
Econometrics and Applied Statistics,
TP 361, Enrico Fermi, 2749, I-21027 Ispra (VA), ITALY
Tel: +39-0332-786572

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