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Mauro Cordella

Portrait of Mauro Cordella

Mauro Cordella holds a 5-year university degree in environmental engineering and a PhD in chemical, environmental and safety engineering from the University of Bologna (Italy).

His main pillars of research expertise are 1) Life Cycle Assessment and techno-economic assessment of products and technologies, 2) screening and assessment of inherent hazards due to chemicals and 3) analysis of technologies and processes for the conversion of biomass-to-energy and sustainability assessment of conventional and alternative energy systems. Mauro Cordella has gained experience in research, project management and EU environmental policy since 2006 while working at the University of Bologna (Italy), at the Imperial College of London (the UK), at the EU-Virtual Research Institute (Stuttgart, Germany) and, during the last 3 years, at the JRC-IPTS (Seville, Spain).

At IPTS he is actively involved in EC's projects and activities related to the development and implementation of sustainable product policy tools as EU Ecodesign, Ecolabel, Energy and resource efficiency labels, Green Public Procurement.

Recent publications