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Maria Espinosa Goded

Maria Espinosa is an agricultural engineer from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. She holds a PhD in agricultural economics analysing farmer's participation in agri-environmental schemes using the choice experiments methodology.

She has been a stagiaire in the Microeconomic Analysis of EU agricultural holdings unit of Directorate-General (DG) Agriculture and Rural Development (European Commission) in 2005. During this traineeship she has been involved in managing the Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) dataset. In her current professional position at the Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS, European Commission) she is collaborating in building a farm-level model (IFM-CAP, Individual Farm Model for Assessment of the Common Agricultural Policy) based on FADN and developed in closed collaboration with the colleagues from DG Agriculture and Rural Development.

In IFM-CAP she is currently working in data-mining, the modelling of permanent crops and the implementation of the post-2013 CAP reform. Since joining the IPTS in 2010 she has been involved in the FP-VII project FADNTOOL dealing with the manage of the FADN database as well as in FP-VII CLAIM project dealing with the assessment of the role of the Common Agricultural Policy on landscape. In addition, she has participated in the analysis of the effects of Rural Development by Social Accounting Matrices/ Computable General Equilibrium model , in the econometric analysis of farm-structural change and in the development and scenario assessment of the CAPRI-FARM model (a partial equilibrium model aiming to asses the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy). In addition, she has not left behind the experimental economics methodology applied in her PhD, in paticular in analysing society's demand of public goods provided by EU agriculture.