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I am a qualitative researcher and policy analyst with a focus in on the potential of ICT for society. At present I am developing a competence framework for the key competence Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship.

I hold a BSc and an MSc in Human-Computer Interaction, a PhD in Robotics for Dementia Care, and a Post-graduate Certificate in Public Policy and Management. I have always worked in international environments as a researcher and project manager, both in the public and private sector. More in detail, I have worked for the EC, in large multinational companies as well as for SMEs and the academia. I have analysed the impact of technologies in a variety of fields ranging from social service delivery, food manufacturing, electronic identity, education, aviation, healthcare, cultural heritage, and advertising.

I have sound experience in the analysis of human activity to inform the design of technological applications (devices or services), in the evaluation of concepts, prototypes and interactive systems applied to different sectors, up to the analysis of the impact that the take up of ICTs can have on society as a whole. My research interest lays in understanding how technological innovations can make users’ and citizens’ life easier by supporting their activities or enabling new interaction spaces and how policy can help make the most out of the potential ICT for society.