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Laura Gribaldo

Portrait of Laura Gribaldo

MD, PhD in Microbiology and Virology as Education, thirty years of experience in the field of testing for chemicals and pharmaceuticals safety assessment as background.

She coordinated several prospective validation studies, between others a study to evaluate a set of in vitro tests to detect immunosuppressant compounds. She had international collaborations with NCI and EPA on myelotoxicity studies on new anticancer drugs and pesticides. As EC scientific expert she contributed, among others, to the revision of the OECD draft guideline on extended F1-generation study, in the validation of cell transformation assay, and in the WHO/IPCS Drafting Group on Guidance for Immunotoxicity Risk Assessment for Chemicals.

Since March 2009 till October 2012 she led the Applied Molecular Biology and Genomics competence group to set up and manage a toxico-genomics platform for the development of standardized assays in safety assessment of chemicals and food. Since 2010, she was responsible for setting up of a new activity to support a programme ensuring agreement, harmonisation, and validation of procedures and methodologies in genetic testing to highlight the application of genomics for diagnostics purposes.

For the Public Health Unit, as scientific officer on Rare Diseases, she established a network with Eurogentest and EUCERD for building up the European platform for rare diseases registry. Today she is scientific officer responsible for the development and implementation of the projects HealthOmics (Harmonization & guidelines for the integration of omics knowledge into practice and prevention), PAH2DAN (Poly-Aromatic-Hydrocarbons Health impacts assessment for Danube Air Nexus), and the exploratory research project FATE ( From Algae To Energy).

She developed a huge experience in working at the interface between science and industrial development in an international regulatory context, with the proper background to bridge cell culture technologies, preclinical toxicological studies, clinical investigations and research.