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Efstathios Peteves

Stathis Peteves is Head of Knowledge for Energy Union in the Energy, Transport and Climate Directorate.

He has been working for the Commission since 1987 addressing issues such as advanced materials technologies, power generation, alternative fuels, energy technologies assessment and modelling in support of energy technology and energy policy. The key activities of his Unit include techno-socio-economic assessments of energy technologies, energy technologies/systems modeling, energy technology innovation and critical materials.

His current focus is the energy technology pillar of EU's energy & climate change policy, the Strategic Energy Technologies Plan (SET-Plan).  He leads the Commission's Strategic Energy Technologies Information System (SETIS), the scientific and technical support tool to the decision making of the SET-Plan governance and the monitor and assessor of EU's energy technology innovation progress.

Stathis holds degrees from the National Technical University of Athens, the George Washington University (MSc) and the University of Florida (PhD). He has authored more than 100 publications and 4 books.