The JRC employs over 3000 people, from throughout the EU, who bring their skills, talents, passion and rigour into the scientific activities meant to underpin EU policies. Over two thirds of our people work on scientific projects while the rest carry out administrative or support activities.

We seek to attract and host researchers (grant holders), senior scientists, seconded national experts, and trainees, primarily from the EU Member States and candidate countries to EU membership. We believe these people bring advanced skills, knowledge and expertise to help resolve current and future scientific challenges. In turn, they benefit from the cultural diversity, multidisciplinary research domains and state-of-the-art research facilities. The JRC offers a variety of temporary and permanent work opportunities and training for scientific and technical staff.

This section is still being developed, and should you not find someone under this section, please consult the European Commission Directory.

  1. Maria Pilar Aguar Fernandez is Head of the Chemical Assessment and Testing Unit of the JRC's Institute for Health and Consumer Protection.

  2. Daniel Albrecht works in the area of Econometric and Applied Statistics at the JRC.

  3. Antonio F. Amores is a postdoc researcher working in the area of Input-Output Economics for Sustainable Production and Consumption. He develops methodologies in Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables, Quality Adjusted Labour Input and Capital Indicators to support Eurostat. He also contributes to the policy support in areas like Employment and Income supported by EU external Trade, Clean Air Package and Competitiveness.

  4. Elke Anklam is Director of the JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements.

  5. Alessandro Annoni is Head of the Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit at JRC's Institute for Environment and Sustainability.

  6. Margherita Bacigalupo is a Research Fellow in the Information Society unit of the IPTS. She is currently developing a competence framework for the key competence Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship.

  7. Geraldine Barry is Head of Communication at the Joint Research Centre, the in-house science service of the European Commission.

  8. Claudio A. Belis is a senior scientist at the Air and Climate Unit. He developed his PhD work on environmental and climatic long-term trends at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and the Austrian Academy of Sciences (1994-1997) and continued his post-doctoral activity at the Federal Polytechnic of Zurich and the University of Bern (Switzerland).

  9. Maria Betti is Director of the JRC's Institute for Transuranium Elements.

  10. Giovanni Bidoglio is Head of the Water Resources Unit of the JRC's Institute for Environment and Sustainability.