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May 19 2014
May 20 2014

The European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP) is planning to organise a 2nd workshop for infrastructure operators. With this workshop ERNCIP aims to continue the successful collaboration with operators within the network, building on the experience from the first workshop that was held in Brussels last year. We hope to make this workshop a very interactive one with plenty of time for discussions among the participants.

European Transport Research Conference 2016
©TRA, 2016
Apr 18 2016
Apr 21 2016

Transport Research Arena 2016 – a transport research event in Europe, gathering every 2 years the key stakeholders:  researchers, experts, operators, industry and policy-makers.

Apr 23 2014
Apr 25 2014

The workshop will discuss how these developments can provide examples and opportunities for E&I countries to build smart grids and will present and discuss approaches and methodologies for cost – benefit analysis.

Elaboration of Maps for Climatic and Seismic Actions for Structural Design in the Balkan region
Oct 27 2015
Oct 28 2015

The workshop is aimed at building capacities for elaboration of maps for climatic and seismic actions for structural design in non-EU countries in the Balkan region.

Jul 21 2014
Jul 31 2014

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the JRC organise a summer school on the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to be held at the at Campus of the Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic from 21 to 31 July 2014.

Aug 31 2015
Sep 10 2015

The objective of the Summer School is to provide the attendees with a comprehensive overview on satellite navigation, starting from the structure of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), their signals, the processing of observations in a GNSS receiver and finally the determination of the user Position Velocity and Time (PVT) solution.

The program is open to graduate students (with a first university degree), Ph.D. candidates, early-stage researchers and young professional willing to broaden their knowledge.

Jul 19 2016
Jul 29 2016

The Summer School will give a comprehensive overview of satellite navigation, including the architecture of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), its signals , the processing of GNSS measurements in a receiver and, finally, the determination of the Position Navigation Time (PNT) solution.


Apr 13 2015
Apr 17 2015

The JRC hosts the meetings of two working groups of the European Electronic Communications Committee (ECC). Fifty delegates from EU and non-EU countries meet in Ispra to discuss a variety of technical radio regulation matters .

Jul 08 2014

The Network aims at "…bringing together practitioners from industry, research, academia as well as civil society. The Network will collect, analyse and review results from exploration projects as well as assess the development of technologies used in unconventional gas and oil projects".

Feb 23 2016
Feb 23 2016

The Network on European Science and Technology on Unconventional Hydrocarbons Extraction is organising its Annual conference in Brussels. 

This event is open to anyone interested. For registration, please send an e-mail to The deadline is 15 February 2016.


Location: Centre de Conference Albert Borschette