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Opening session at the JRC side-event to the summit on Construction Standards Opening session at the JRC side-event to the summit on Construction Standards
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Jun 03 2015
Jun 03 2015

The event will focus on raising awareness of the benefits of standardisation from the research and innovation process by examining the transfer of research results and outcomes of innovation activities into standardisation.

Oct 16 2014
Oct 17 2014

This workshop intends to contribute towards the transfer of background knowledge and expertise on the Eurocodes, mainly the EN 1993, from specialists of the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS) to potential trainers and Eurocodes users.

Elaboration of Maps for Climatic and Seismic Actions for Structural Design in the Balkan region
Oct 27 2015
Oct 28 2015

The workshop is aimed at building capacities for elaboration of maps for climatic and seismic actions for structural design in non-EU countries in the Balkan region.

EU-US-Asia workshop on hybrid testing
Oct 05 2015
Oct 06 2015

The JRC is organising an international workshop on hybrid cyber-physical testing, possibly real-time and/or geographically-distributed.

It is a joint EU-USA initiative and the main objective is to bring together researchers from different geographic and academic backgrounds to present the recent scientific developments, discuss challenges, increase the broader knowledge and drive future collaborative research.


5 October 2015


Nov 04 2014
Nov 05 2014

The training course will focus on the use of Eurocodes and the principles of earthquake resistant design of structures according to the Eurocodes.

Oct 30 2014

The workshop aims at collecting and integrating from the wider community of owners, operators and regulators the user requirements concerning safety assessment and stress tests of non-nuclear Critical Infrastructures. It will also present the results from the STREST project, describing the test sites considered as case studies to test the harmonized methods developed in STREST. Synergies and possible ways of cooperation with similar projects financed by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation will be discussed.