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Mar 18 2009
Mar 19 2009

AEEE logo AEEE - Spanish Association for Energy Economics
Jan 22 2009
Jan 24 2009

The JRC Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) is hosting the Fourth Congress of the Spanish Association for Energy Economics (AEEE) in Seville. The three-day event opens today, 22 January, and is co-organised by Seville's University Pablo de Olavide.

ESARDA course logo ESARDA course logo
Apr 14 2008
Apr 18 2008

The JRC Institute for the Protection and the Security of the Citizen (IPSC) organises the 4th academic course in Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation in collaboration with the European Safeguards Research and Development Association (ESARDA). The course will take place from 14 to 18 April 2008 hosted by the IPSC Nuclear Safeguards Unit.

Oct 06 2010
Oct 07 2010

The fourth edition of the European Union's two-day Forum on Fossil Fuels opens today in Berlin. Initiated by the European Commission (Directorate General Transport and Energy) as a platform for dialogue with other stakeholders in the European energy sector (corporations, industry associations, Member State Governments and civil society), the forum was held for the first time in October 2005 in Berlin , where it has been held annually since then. The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology hosts the event.

Dec 04 2013
Dec 06 2013

At the end of the Galileo IOV satellites test phase and just before the launch of ESA’s scientific GAIA mission with the goal of obtaining the largest, most precise three‐dimensional map of our Galaxy by surveying more than a thousand million stars, the 4th International Colloquium on Galileo and GNSS Science, co‐organized by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European GNSS Agency (GSA), is inviting to an interesting programme.

Jun 29 2011
Jun 30 2011

The overall objective of the conference is to continue the efforts of the International Association for Experimental Structural Engineering (IAESE) to promote international collaboration and dissemination of research findings within IAESE's core research area. The event will cover all aspects of experimental structural engineering, ranging from novel testing and measuring techniques, to computer-controlled experiments, and results of interesting experiments.

Social LCA logo
Nov 19 2014
Nov 21 2014

The international seminar in social life cycle assessment (LCA) of Montpellier is the fourth of this theme, the first of which took place in 2010 in Denmark.

These scientific events assert the necessity of a specific research concerning the social evaluation within the framework of LCA. The purpose of these seminars is to review the recent developments of the various approaches dealing specifically with social LCA, without minimising what they owe to the environmental LCA.

Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) Logo Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA)
May 12 2011
May 13 2011

The 4th International Seville Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) Conference will be held 12 - 13 May 2011, at the JRC Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) in Seville, Spain. The focus of the conference is on the need and potential of FTA to address dynamic and disruptive events in response to grand societal challenges. These events may range from rapid technological changes to shifts in social norms, values and lifestyles. FTA is a potential tool to gain a better understanding of the complex systems that interact in each situation and in defining effective policy responses. Therefore, governments and other organisations can become more adaptive and capable of enacting systemic changes. This bi-annual conference is an opportunity for the scientific and policy-maker community in the FTA area to meet and to mutually deepen their knowledge.

Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure workshop Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure workshop
©EU, 2016
May 24 2016
May 26 2016
Egmond aan zee

This workshop, organised by the European Commission, the US DoE (USA), NOW (Germany) and NEDO (Japan), aims at generating an exchange of international experience and knowledge in order to discuss current challenges and to develop new strategies to further integrate hydrogen and fuel cell technologies into the global energy portfolio with a special focus on the transportation sector.

Mar 14 2013

EU food safety legislation establishes a cascade of methods that shall be used for official control purposes. Preference is given to either methods described in Community legislation or methods that comply with internationally recognised rules or protocols, for example those that the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has accepted.

Standardised methods of analysis offer many advantages, the proven performance and the extensive documentation being their hallmarks.