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The Arctic Frontiers conference is a central arena for discussions of Arctic issues
©Arctic Frontiers
Jan 18 2015
Jan 23 2015

The 9th Arctic Frontiers conference will be held in Tromsø, Norway, with the title: Climate and Energy, from Sunday 18 January to Friday 23 January 2015.

Jan 13 2015
Jan 14 2015

The objective of this workshop is to impart knowledge about statistical evaluation of cylinder test data and their interpretation with respect to safety assessment. Essentials, which will be introduced and elaborated, are:

- Influence of test parameters on test results including scatter from non-controlled test parameters

- basics about degradation investigated by cycle and burst testing

- basics of statistics and its use in evaluation of test data

- basics of safety assessment by using statistics.

Jan 12 2015
Jan 17 2015

The third plenary session of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services' (IPBES) will be held from 12 to 17 January 2015, in Bonn, Germany.

The IPBES was established in April 2012, as an independent intergovernmental body open to all member countries of the United Nations. It is the leading intergovernmental body for assessing the state of the planet's biodiversity, its ecosystems and the essential services they provide to society.

Dec 18 2014
Dec 19 2014

The Armand Peugeot Chair is organizing its Second International Conference on electromobility.

Dec 15 2014
Dec 19 2014

This school is intended to provide a practical introduction to the analysis of measured neutron-induced resonance reaction data and to the processing of experimental and evaluated data. Lectures and hands-on computer exercises will be alternated. Topics include neutron-induced reactions, R-matrix theory, neutron time-of-flight measurements, uncertainty and covariance assessment, data formats (ENDF, EXFOR), use of the resonance analysis code REFIT and related topics.

Dec 12 2014
Dec 12 2014

The Workshop on Employability of Chemists: Study Progress will focus on discussing the use of innovative educational approaches, improving employment prospects and skill levels of young people and increasing their labour market access and employability, also stimulating entrepreneurial skills of students and academics.

Dec 10 2014
Dec 11 2014

This is the third year that JRC-IPTS (Seville) hosts a General Equilibrium workshop to exchange views with researchers from all over Europe and all over the world.
The presence of so many experts from the academic world and from the economic analysis units of the Commission has been a precious occasion to share views and compare approaches and methodologies.

This workshop has been the result of a joint collaboration with DG REGIO to define its structure and the themes to be treated.

Dec 10 2014
Dec 11 2014

On December 11th, Andrea Saltelli gives a lecture at the "Science for Policy: Post-Normal Science in Practice" symposium hosted by the Centre for the Study of the Sciences & the Humanities, University of Bergen. The lecture is on sensitivity auditing.


SET-Plan Conference 2014
Dec 10 2014
Dec 11 2014

The 7th Conference of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan), organized by ENEA under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, will be held on the 10-11 December in Rome, at the Auditorium Antonianum.

For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.

For more information on SETIS and the SET Plan, please visit the SETIS website.


Dec 09 2014
Dec 10 2014

Excessive alcohol consumption is a widespread problem in many European countries. Evidence-based behaviour-change interventions can make an important contribution towards reducing harmful use of alcohol. In collaboration with the Directorate General Health and Consumers, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) organises this workshop dedicated to new behaviour change interventions targeting alcohol consumption.