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Conference room picture The workshop will gather policy makers and leading economists from the US and Europe to discuss the use of microsimulation models for fiscal policy analysis.
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Sep 23 2016
Sep 23 2016
Food Contact Materials
©Ministry of Health, Luxembourg
Sep 30 2015

The Ministry of Health in Luxembourg is organising a Food Contact Materials conference on the 30th September in Luxembourg-City as part of its Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The conference is bringing together different representatives working in the food contact materials area such as the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Member States experts and representatives from the industry. The main focus lies on safety and innovation.

Oct 15 2007
Oct 18 2007
Cernobbio (Lake Como)

The Forum on Evidence-based Toxicology is organized by scientists active in the field of toxicology, life sciences, biostatistics, modelling and medicine and is supported by the JRC's Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP). The scope of the forum is to explore the concept of an “evidence-based toxicology”, following the successful example of “evidence-based medicine”, a movement which aims at transparent decision-making in medicine on the basis of the best evidence available. This is achieved by integrating expert knowledge with structured approaches of data reviewing, data grouping and meta analysis in basic science, method assessment and decision-making and similar approaches might be embraced by toxicology.

The FOSS4G-Europe 2015 Conference aims to share ideas for improving geodata, software and applications openness
Jul 14 2015
Jul 17 2015

The second edition of the FOSS4G Europe: Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Open Innovation for Europe Conference will be held at the Politecnico di Milano in Como, Italy, 15-17 July 2015. A day of workshops will precede the conference on 14 July 2015, and a code sprint will close the event on 18 July 2015.

The Conference aims to bring together FOSS4G users and developers worldwide and foster closer interactions with and amongst European communities in order to share ideas for improving geodata, software and applications openess.

FP7 and Bosnia-Herzegovina FP7 and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Apr 23 2009

The European Commission is hosting an FP7 Information Event in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 23 April 2009. The theme of the event, with participation of Janez Poto nik, European Commissioner for Science and Research, is “Towards Integration into the European Research Area”. Such information events serve as a one-stop shop for the countries’ scientific and business communities to obtain information about the opportunities offered by the FP7 Programme.

FP7 and Serbia FP7 and Serbia
Jun 29 2009

On 29 June 2009 the JRC, the Commission's Research Directorate General and the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development jointly organised a high-level conference in Belgrade entitled "Towards Serbia's Integration into the European Research Area". The main purpose of the event was to present and discuss a wide spectrum of research-cooperation opportunities in FP7, with a view to identifying specific areas and topics that would need special attention or support.

solar boat Participant at the Frisian Solar Challenge 2006
Jun 23 2008
Jun 28 2008

On Monday 23/6 the official start of the Dutch Solar boat race will take place. The event will be opened by the Dutch Minister Maria van der Hoeven, and Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels. The 49 Solar powered boats will follow the route of the Frisian Eleven Cities Skating Race and will end on Saturday 28/6 in Leeuwarden.

Post-conflict damage assessment Post-conflict damage assessment
©EC (2007)
Nov 12 2007
Nov 13 2007

The European Commission's External Relations DG (RELEX) is organising on 12-13 November in Brussels the Security Conference "From early warning to early action - developing the EU's response to crisis and longer-term threats". The conference comprises several round tables focusing on "crisis response" and "Preparedness and Capacity". JRC's Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen is contributing to several sessions as presenter and moderator as well as hosting a stand to show activities underway at the JRC in support of DG RELEX.

Nov 10 2014
Nov 11 2014

The objective of the workshop is to highlight the importance of the emissions distribution on the grid maps and to encourage interactions between all involved.

Sep 11 2008
Sep 12 2008

The aim of the FSMNLP 2008, organised by the JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, is to bring together members of the research and industrial community working on finite-state based models in language technology, computational linguistics, web mining, linguistics, and cognitive science or on related theory and methods in fields such as computer science and mathematics. The workshop will be a forum for researchers and practicioners working on NLP applications, on the theoretical and implementation aspects, or on their combination.

The special theme of FSMNLP 2008 centers around high performance finite-state devices in large-scale natural language text processing systems and applications.