Past events

  1. 7 Feb 2016
    12 Feb 2016

    Ecohydraulics is central to many challenges facing river and water resource management around the world. It links the disciplines of hydraulics with aquatic ecology, water engineering, fluvial geomorphology and biogeochemistry. The International Symposium on Ecohydraulics is the premier international meeting for scientists and innovative practitioners working across these disciplines focussing on the underpinning science and its application.

  2. 9 Feb 2016
    10 Feb 2016

    Invasive alien species (IAS) - i.e. species that are not native to Europe and have a severe negative impact on native flora and fauna - are one of the main pressures on biodiversity in the EU and at global level.

    The workshop will focus on the expansion of EASIN, especially by including offline databases that exist in institutes or national repositories which are not accessible to the scientific community. The workshop will address data standardisation issues and protocols for sharing information.

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  3. 4 Feb 2016

    The workshop will focus on city-regions as their contribution is crucial in the achievement of a low carbon economy.

  4. 4 Feb 2016

    IES scientist L. Montanarella is an invited keynote speaker at the opening of the conference, at which he will speak on "EU-Agrarpolitik aus Sicht der Welternährungssicherung und Ressourcenschonung", in the Frederik-Paulsen-Hörsaal at 10:10.


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    See the full programme for further details.

  5. 3 Feb 2016
    4 Feb 2016

    The main objective of the workshop is to allow Serbia to compare the actions identified in this specific field with the ones defined by the EU Member States within the definition of the EU CBRN Action Plan.

  6. 3 Feb 2016

    The purpose of this half day event is to bring together policy analysts and researchers from the European Commission, international organisations, think tanks and the academia, to foster a practical exchange of experiences across a wide range of key policy areas that are monitored through composite indicators and scoreboards.

    The event will also see the launch of the Competence Centre on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards (COIN).

  7. 26 Jan 2016
    28 Jan 2016

    The aim of this workshop is to take stock of the progress made in enlargement countries on mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services, to analyse gaps in knowledge and to initiate training activities on mapping and modelling ecosystem services using a tiered mapping approach. The workshop will increase the capacity of enlargement countries to meet their international obligations under the Convention of Biological Diversity and increase the role of the MAES activities as crucial input to the IPBES regional assessments.

  8. 26 Jan 2016
    28 Jan 2016

    The European Space Agency (ESA) in cooperation with the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) is organising an event dedicated to the scientific and operational exploitation of Proba-V mission. The event, entitled “Proba-V Symposium”, will be hosted in Ghent (Belgium), at the Mariott Hotel, from 26 to 28 January 2016.

  9. 28 Jan 2016

    This peer-review workshop will be organised in the context of the Urban Development Network, by the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission together with the city of Seville.

  10. 25 Jan 2016
    26 Jan 2016

    Following the publication of the European Commission’s new Circular Economy Package on 2 December 2015, the government of the Netherlands, in cooperation with the European Commission, will host the “Unwrapping the Package – towards a Circular Economy in Europe” conference as part of the Dutch EU presidency in 2016.

    Stakeholders from business, civil society and public authorities across the EU will discuss challenges and opportunities for a circular economy in Europe and the impact of the new proposals from the EU Commission.