Past events

  1. 16 Jun 2010
    17 Jun 2010

    Integration of developments in exposure science and toxicity testing is essential for advancing knowledge-based decision making about the safety of chemicals.

  2. 7 Jun 2010
    8 Jun 2010

    The aim of this workshop, organised by the JRC Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, is to elaborate a harmonised framework of indoor material labelling schemes. As a starting point for the discussions at the Workshop a report is being provided to delegates that has been prepared by a preparatory working group consisting of experts from Denmark, Finland, France, Germany under the co-ordination of the JRC. The report, to be delivered in May 2010, sets out the consensus among the experts and representatives of the labelling schemes (AFFSET, AgBB, DICL, M1) involved in the process.

  3. 10 Mar 2010
    12 Mar 2010

    The fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health “Protecting children’s health in a changing environment”, organised by WHO/Europe, is a milestone event for the European Environment and Health process which was launched in 1989 to eliminate the most significant environmental threats to health, with the approach that prevention is better than cure.

  4. 15 Dec 2009
    16 Dec 2009

    An enlargement & integration workshop on cyclotron research and radio-labelled nanoparticles, as part of the yearly cyclotron networking workshops (with participation of approximately 15-20 relevant research institutions), is scheduled for 15-16 December 2009 at the JRC Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP) in Ispra, Italy.

  5. 4 Dec 2009
    5 Dec 2009

    The Molecular Biology and Genomics Unit of JRC-IHCP, in cooperation with the Health and Consumer protection DG of the Commission, is organising an International Workshop on Harmonisation of GMO Detection and Analysis. The Workshop, as part of the 'Enlargement, International Collaboration and Capacity Building' activities of the Unit, has the purpose to contribute to capacity building for the Latin American and Carribean Countries in the area of testing for the presence/absence of genetically modified organisms.

  6. 2 Dec 2009
    4 Dec 2009

    An enlargement & integration workshop on 'Nanobiotechnology: protein-surface interaction' is scheduled for 2-4 December 2009 in Ispra and will gather around 80 scientists from 15 countries. Major issues related to protein surface interactions will be addressed: production, characterisation techniques, modelling and kinetics phenomena, and applications in detection and nanotoxicology.

  7. 6 Nov 2009

    The 2009 Annual Conference of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) is dedicated to dissemination of 3Rs-related information. In addition to reporting EPAA’s progress and achievements during the year, presentations and expert-panel discussions will address inter alia:

  8. 10 Oct 2009
    14 Oct 2009

    The Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine is one of the largest annual events in the field of nuclear medicine. This year, cardiology, oncology and infection will be the main foci of the scientific programme. However, other areas will be addressed as well, including the role of the new hybrid equipment and the present status of nuclear medicine therapy.

  9. 25 Sep 2009

    Tonight (25 September) is European Researchers' Night, organised in cities throughout Europe for the fourth year running with the support of the European Commission. Many research centres and universities will reveal the fun side of their scientific work to the public with live scientific experiments, demonstrations and games.

  10. 30 Aug 2009
    3 Sep 2009

    The 7th World Congress on alternatives and animal use in the life sciences, taking place in Rome from 30 August to 3 September, is addressing the progress towards the reduction, refinement and replacement of experimental animals and the scientific progress in this area.