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Nov 26 2010
Nov 27 2010
Strasbourg, Palais des Congrès

The 12th edition of this European recruitment and student fair is going to be held in Strasbourg on 26 - 27 November 2010. The event is a unique plateform for exchange and meetings between universities, research institutes, actors of the German-French collaboration on the one side and students as well as high-school graduates on the other side with 155 exhibitors and 6.600 visitors in 2009.

female scientist and "shadowing" girl at laboratory in Ispra Research in action - getting a first-hand impression
©EC (2007)
Nov 22 2007

On 22/11/2007, the JRC Ispra site held its first 'shadowing' day in close collaboration with the 'Ufficio Scolastico per la Lombardia'. 5 young girls from 5 different schools came along to "shadow" female staff working in the areas of graphic design, informatics, spatial data research, sensors and radar technologies, cybersecurity, nanotechnology and molecular imaging and, last but not least, IT related to research on rural water and ecosystem resources.