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Feb 16 2017
Feb 17 2017

The workshop is part of the OpenEdu Policies Project which the Joint Research Centre (JRC) carries out on behalf of Directorate General Education and Culture (DG EAC).

Visual of the event RESONANCES
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Oct 13 2015
Oct 14 2015

A two-day festival 'Resonances', where the JRC will experiment with the building blocks of science, politics and the arts.

Oct 06 2015
Oct 09 2015

This Workshop is part of EHRO-N/ECVET project aiming at the implementation of ECVET system in the nuclear energy sector. ECVET is the European initiative on education and training to promote transparent and transferable qualifications.


Jan 23 2015
Jan 24 2015

This conference aims to provide a forum for presenting and debating current methodological and applied research on the topics of economics, statistics and econometrics of education. It will include invited speakers' lectures, organized thematic sessions, contributed parallel and poster sessions.

The following invited speakers are confirmed:

  • Lihua Yao (Defense Manpower Data Center, USA)
  • Sandra McNally (University of Surrey and CEP, LSE)
  • Philip B. Stark (University of California)
Jun 30 2014
Jun 30 2014

On June 30th, the Econometrics and Applied Statistics unit of the Joint Research Centre organises a seminar: "The OECD’s Leaning Tower of PISA: Approach with Caution, Use with Care".

The presentation will be given by Dr. Leslie Rutkowski and Dr. David Rutkowski of the Indiana University.


Jun 24 2014
Jun 29 2014

From 24th to 27th of June, 2014, the Econometrics and Applied Statistics team of the Joint Research Centre hosts the “Workshop on using PISA, PIAAC, TIMSS & PIRLS, TALIS datasets”.

Feb 10 2014

The Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning from the European Commission (CRELL) organized a one-day symposium with the purpose of presenting its research activities geared towards providing solid support to the need of the DG Education and Culture. The event took place in Brussels, Madou Auditorium, on February, 12th 2014. Lead participants to the event include David Wilkinson (Director JRC) and Pierre Mairesse (Director DG EAC).


For the full event page, the agenda and the presentation slides go to

Dec 02 2013
Dec 04 2013


The seminar investigates the ways in which civic and citizenship education can be improved by examining the existing empirical evidence on the topic, documenting new methodological developments, exploring new research areas and future avenues for evidence-based policies and practices.

Jul 07 2013
Jul 20 2013

The JRC supports the 6th International Summer School on Measurement Science in Chemistry, held at the University Claude Bernard from 7 until 20 July. The Summer School is run by a consortium of 9 universities (one from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Portugal and Slovenia, and three from Poland).

CRELL logo Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning (CRELL)
Jun 20 2011
Jun 21 2011

Together with the European Commission's DG Education and Culture and the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE), the Center for Research in Lifelong Learning (CRELL) of the JRC is organising the International Conference “Catch the Train: Skills, Education and Jobs" conference, at Tour Madou, Brussels (BE), on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st June 2011.