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Nov 07 2016
St. Petersburg

The GEO-XIII Plenary and Exhibition will take St. Petersburg, Russian Federation from 7 to 10 November 2016.

JRC scientist Max Craglia will attend the Plenary Session. On 8 November, he will represent the European Commission at 4th Programme Board meeting, and on 9 November he will co-chair the side event on Citizen GEOSS.

The first ECSA Conference will discuss the innovation potential of citizen science for science, society and policy
May 19 2016
May 21 2016

This three-day trans-disciplinary conference will showcase how both new and traditional ways of citizens working with scientists can enable the transformative enhancement of science-policy and social impact, scientific advancement, scientific literacy and empowerment.

Feb 25 2016
Feb 26 2016

The workshop is part of the JRC activities on collecting and sharing diverse practices for public participation and developing a knowledge centre for transparency governance, in particular for The 'Energy – Transparency Centre of Knowledge' (E-TRACK).

Dec 09 2015
Dec 11 2015

The European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC) is built upon the principles of sustainability, continuity and the transparent inclusion of experts and stakeholders to develop a project that will have an impact on breast cancer care in Europe. The ECIBC is under the coordination of the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), based on an agreement with the Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety. It aims to ensure and harmonise the quality of breast cancer services across European countries.

Nov 18 2015

The design of energy policies requires the involvement of the citizens by means of appropriate information and negotiation mechanisms that make the decision-making more participative. The transition to low carbon economies entails diverse societal issues such as environment, risks, and sustainability. In all these fields there is an increasing demand for effective communication among policy-makers, industry, citizens and researchers in order to build up a solid and well supported policies.

Happy Onlife game Happy Onlife is an interactive game aimed at raising awareness of the risks and opportunities of the internet.
©EU, 2015
Oct 13 2015
Oct 14 2015

In conjunction with the EU Code Week 2015, the JRC is organising the Happy Onlife laboratory for children between 8 and 12 and teachers from local schools. 

They will validate innovative methods (Happy Onlife & Coding with Scratch) of developing formal and informal education for a better use of digital technologies, thus contributing to JRC research in this field.

Jan 28 2015

On 28 January 2015, the Joint Research Centre in close cooperation with the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (Euro-CASE) is organising a Round Table on the theme of "Digital Privacy: Citizen Rights in the Light of New Technologies, Commercial needs". 

Jan 19 2015
Jan 23 2015

The Radio Spectrum Workshop aims to provide essential training to scientists and policy makers in the E&IA countries.

Oct 23 2014

The 'Energy – Transparency Centre of Knowledge' (E-TRACK) is a joint initiative agreed between the Directorate-General for Energy (DG ENER) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) for the promotion of public participation in the implementation of energy policies.

Security research Security research
Apr 17 2008
Apr 18 2008

The JRC Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC) and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBÝTAK), jointly organised the conference "Security Research. Technology Solutions to Enhance Systems Interoperability" in Ankara on 17-18 April 2008.