Past events

  1. 19 Nov 2014
    20 Nov 2014

    The main purpose of this conference is to offer an opportunity for Member States Administrations, EU officials, Image Providers and contractors to meet and discuss particular problems or innovations concerning the management of the Common Agriculture Policy.

  2. 14 Sep 2009
    17 Sep 2009

    The 6th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems (EEMODS) is being held in Nantes, France, from 14-17 September. EEMODS '09 provides a forum to discuss and debate the latest developments on the impacts of electrical motor systems on energy and the environment, the policies and programmes adopted and planned and the technical and commercial advances made in the dissemination and penetration of energy-efficient motor systems.

  3. 10 Oct 2013

    EEMODS is an established international conference where policymakers and energy efficiency experts from industry, research labs, universities and standardisation organisations meet every two years to discuss energy efficiency policies and technologies progress in electric motor systems (pumps, compressors, fans, drives, etc.).

  4. 28 Oct 2009

    To mark the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the European Commission's first research site in Ispra, Commissioner Janez Poto nik and JRC Director-General Roland Schenkel are launching a new JRC initiative that will become a centre-piece of the JRC's annual calendar.

  5. 26 May 2008

    In glorious sunshine and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Congress of Europe, the centre of The Hague was transformed into a European 'Social Market' on Saturday the 24th of May, when European Institutions came to the site of the original Congress of 1948 in order to present their work to the Dutch public. EU Member State representatives also presented the attractions of their respective countries with their own market stalls. In the presence of Commission President José Manuel Barroso, several thousand visitors were treated to an informative and entertaining day with interviews, music and dance.

  6. 21 Feb 2008
    22 Feb 2008

    The European Business Summit (EBS) is organised by BUSINESSEUROPE and the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, in close cooperation with the European Commission and the Slovenian EU Presidency.

  7. 1 Jun 2014
    2 Jun 2014

    June 2014, 2 days (Exact date and place still to be defined)

    To discuss with Member States administrations, different stakeholders, and Commission representatives the implementation and future developments of Farm Advisory Services linked to the Common Agriculture Policy.

  8. 16 Dec 2013

    Together with the College of Europe, the JRC organised the third high-level roundtable on financial stability today. The participants tried to identify possible new avenues for scientific support to structural reforms, the financing of the real economy and shadow banking monitoring. They also explored the risks and opportunities in the context of the on-going Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.

  9. 11 Nov 2010
    12 Nov 2010

    In the frame of the current European initiatives on research and innovation and in collaboration with the Belgian Presidency of the EU, the JRC and the Commission's Research Directorate-General are jointly organising a third annual seminar with stakeholders in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.

  10. 5 Mar 2014
    6 Mar 2014

    Every year, at the beginning of the campaign of control with remote sensing, campaign of CAP direct payment subsidies, MS national administrations, JRC and DG AGRI meet to exchange views and discuss topics linked to: on-the-spot checks, area measurements including GNSS measurement, CwRS sites and sensors deployment.