Past events

  1. 7 Apr 2016
    8 Apr 2016

    The workshop will take place at JRC premises in Seville, Spain.

    It will discuss the findings of the IESI Mapping and Case studies conducted in 2015. It will also serve to validate the theoretical and methodological approach underpinning the framework to assess the social and economic impacts of ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives promoting social investment (i-FRAME).


  2. 8 Apr 2016

    In the context of their joint EURIPIDIS project on ICT innovation*, the JRC and DG CONNECT jointly organised a workshop on
    European Innovation Policies in the Digital Single Market
    Present and Future Challenges"


    The workshop discussions focused on:

  3. 6 Apr 2016

    "Synergies with Research and Innovation Funds: Stairway to Excellence" is co-organised by the S3 Platform and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Republic of Slovenia. 

  4. 4 Mar 2016

    Together with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the JRC is organising a series of panel discussions in the framework of the Section for Transport Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society (TEN Section).

    The discussions include:

  5. 18 Feb 2016
    19 Feb 2016

    The JRC organised an expert workshop within the framework of the PREDICT project on ICTs in the Economy: empirical evidence and measurement challenges.

    Presentations and the debate addressed a broad array of aspects, including the evolving dynamics of ICT industries and their R&D, indicators and complementary measures on ICT content and ICT usage, as well as issues related to their effective deployment in the economy (skills, impacts on productivity).


    18 February

    ICT industries, R&D and ICTs in the economy

  6. 28 Jan 2016

    This peer-review workshop will be organised in the context of the Urban Development Network, by the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission together with the city of Seville.

  7. 3 Dec 2015

    First event on ¨Towards a Model of Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficient Buildings¨ - The construction sector represents more than 40% of energy consumption in Europe. Many European regions have launched interesting initiatives in this field, not only aware of its implications in the energy sector, but also those associated to the environment and the generation of quality employment.

  8. 25 Nov 2015
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