Past events

  1. 24 May 2016
    26 May 2016

    This workshop, organised by the European Commission, the US DoE (USA), NOW (Germany) and NEDO (Japan), aims at generating an exchange of international experience and knowledge in order to discuss current challenges and to develop new strategies to further integrate hydrogen and fuel cell technologies into the global energy portfolio with a special focus on the transportation sector.

  2. 3 May 2016
    4 May 2016

    The JRC organised workshop "Power-to-Hydrogen: key challenges and next steps"  was meant to follow up on the outcomes of the Sector Forum Energy Management (SFEM) Working Group (WG) on Hydrogen.

    The workshop focused on Power to Hydrogen (P2H) representing a promising and major contribution to the challenging management of increased integration of intermittent renewable energy sources in the overall energy system.

  3. 18 Apr 2016
    21 Apr 2016

    Transport Research Arena 2016 – a transport research event in Europe, gathering every 2 years the key stakeholders:  researchers, experts, operators, industry and policy-makers.

  4. 5 Apr 2016

    Energy Efficiency is at the core of the Europe's 2030 strategy, setting up an indicative target at the EU level of at least 27%  for improving energy efficiency (EE) of future energy consumption based on the current criteria European Council Conclusions, 24th October 2014.

  5. 22 Mar 2016
    23 Mar 2016

    InnoGrid2020+ has become the not-to-be-missed EU event on innovation in electricity networks. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and the European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids (EDSO), who co-organise the conference, will focus the 2016 edition on “Digital Energy”.

    More information:


  6. 16 Mar 2016
    18 Mar 2016

    The IEECB is jointly organised by Messe Frankfurt and the JRC. The conference will take place on 16-18 March 2016 in Frankfurt during Light+Building, the world’s leading trade fair for Architecture and Technology.

    The commercial and public building sector is one of the fastest growing energy consuming sectors. This is mainly due to the growth of commercial and public activities and their associated demand for heating, cooling ventilation (HVAC), ICT services and lighting.

  7. 8 Mar 2016
    9 Mar 2016

    The 2016 Annual Meeting of the European Clearinghouse on Nuclear Power Plant Operating Experience Feedback will be held at the premises of the JRC Petten site, on March 8th and 9th 2016.

    The main objective of this meeting is to present and review the recent progress of the project and discuss the work program for 2016.

    It is composed of two meetings, namely the Technical Board on 8th March and the Steering Committee on 9th March 2016.

  8. 4 Mar 2016

    Together with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), the JRC is organising a series of panel discussions in the framework of the Section for Transport Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society (TEN Section).

    The discussions include:

  9. 25 Feb 2016
    26 Feb 2016

    The workshop is part of the JRC activities on collecting and sharing diverse practices for public participation and developing a knowledge centre for transparency governance, in particular for The 'Energy – Transparency Centre of Knowledge' (E-TRACK).

  10. 23 Feb 2016
    25 Feb 2016

    The 6th edition of the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) will take place on the 23th to 25th of February 2016 in Edinburgh. ICOE 2016 is organised and hosted by RenewableUK.

    The JRC will be present at the exhibition with a small stand at booth 72, promoting the SET-Plan and JRC work on ocean renewable energy.

    JRC colleagues are also involved as speakers and chair persons in the conference, which will be opened by Commissioner Vella.