Past events

  1. 28 May 2015

    Within the context of EU DevDays, the JRC organises a workshop with the 15 Future Leaders to exchange ideas in future oriented thinking, behavioural insights and design for policy.

  2. 27 May 2015

    In preparation for the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Blue Economy to be held in autumn 2015, stakeholders of the Union for the Mediterranean will hold an event "Towards a Roadmap for Blue Investment and Jobs in the Mediterranean'' on 27 May 2015 in Athens. 

  3. 26 May 2015

    This launch event aims at achieving a shared vision on knowledge-based energy policy development in regions.

  4. 6 Mar 2015

    The conference in hosted by the Regional Government of Andalusia and will bring together experts, policy makers and EU, national and regional representatives.

  5. 25 Feb 2015
    26 Feb 2015

    The AGMEMOD (AGriculture MEmber states MODelling) model is used in the context of policy impact assessments. This workshop gathered AGMEMOD partners, modelling and market experts, and policy makers from the Western Balkan region and the European Union with three main objectives:

  6. 10 Dec 2014
    11 Dec 2014

    This is the third year that JRC-IPTS (Seville) hosts a General Equilibrium workshop to exchange views with researchers from all over Europe and all over the world.
    The presence of so many experts from the academic world and from the economic analysis units of the Commission has been a precious occasion to share views and compare approaches and methodologies.

    This workshop has been the result of a joint collaboration with DG REGIO to define its structure and the themes to be treated.

  7. 2 Oct 2014
    3 Oct 2014

    The conference marks the launch of the S2E project, and will explain its rationale, objectives and roadmap, as well as allowing participants to share their experiences.

  8. 20 Jun 2014

    Higher Education Institutions are important employers and service providers that are an integral, permanent part of most regional economies. Yet they can be much more influential and the Smart Specialisation agenda calls for universities and other HEIs to take on a more pro-active role in regional development. A significant amount of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) are now concentrated on research and innovation activities providing a vehicle to mobilize universities.

  9. 26 Mar 2014

    The European Commission in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions organises a workshop with the aim to stimulate interaction between national/regional authorities on one side and H2020 industrial and research & innovation stakeholders on the other. The workshop will also focus on raising awareness about the role of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) as drivers for industrial competitiveness in regions.

  10. 24 Oct 2013

    The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission is organising a Round Table on the theme "Scientific support for growth and jobs: cultural and creative industries" to be held in Brussels on 24 October 2013.

    The economic performance of the cultural and creative sectors is now widely recognised: in 2010 they accounted for 3.3% of GDP and employed 6.7 million people in the EU (3 % of total employment) . Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) have also proved to be more resilient than many other sectors of the EU economy since 2008 and they have a higher growth rate.