Past events

  1. 8 Jun 2015
    9 Jun 2015

    This workshop will be of particular interest to researchers performing experimental or modelling work in any aspect of fuel rod behaviour, particularly cladding interactions with fuel and coolant under high sustained temperature, rapid heat-up & quenching conditions like during design basis accident conditions.

  2. 16 Apr 2015
    17 Apr 2015

    A workshop organised by the JRC together with the University of Birmingham will explore the education and training needs in nuclear decommissioning.

  3. 4 Mar 2015
    5 Mar 2015

    The main objective of the workshop is to present the use of Neutron Resonance Densitometry (NRD) as a non-destructive analysis (NDA) technique to characterise nuclear materials.

  4. 30 Sep 2014

    On 30 September the JRC and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) will organise a launch event to present their joint report on the "Management of spent nuclear fuel and its waste" at the Belgian Royal Academies for Science and the Arts in Brussels.

  5. 8 Sep 2014
    12 Sep 2014

    The course brings together many international experts in waste management and nuclear decommissioning, and will feature several technical sessions as well as visits to the JRC's laboratories involved in decommissioning and nuclear and radioactive waste management.

  6. 3 Sep 2014
    5 Sep 2014

    September 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany, 3 days

    The spent fuel workshop aims to gather the world expertise to present the recent scientific studies on corrosion behaviour of spent nuclear fuel in repository conditions. It coincides with the annual workshop of the FIRST-Nuclides project. Participants from all countries around the world are welcome to take part.

  7. 24 Jun 2014
    26 Jun 2014

    The objectives of the workshop are to support competence building in the area of nuclear waste disposal long-term safety and societal implementation processes.

  8. 10 Jun 2014

    The objective of the conference is to strengthen cooperation in strategic areas, which will bring added value to Slovak science as well as help to integrate it even better within the European Research Area.

  9. 9 Sep 2013
    13 Sep 2013

    The JRC is pleased to host the 5th edition of the Summer School on Operational issues in Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear Decommissioning from 9 to 13 September in Ispra, Italy. Organised in co-operation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Milan State University (Università degli Studi di Milano) and the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) it will bring together international experts in the nuclear field.