Past events

  1. 8 May 2015

    This high level conference will be the official launch of a series of discussions that the EU Scientific Steering Committee for Expo will follow during the course of the six months of the Expo. It will set in motion a process which will lead to a set of recommendations for decision makers on future priorities for research, development and innovation in the food and agricultural sector. This process will also indicate how the recommendations can best be implemented both within the EU institutions and beyond after the EXPO.

  2. 17 Mar 2015

    This conference, organised by the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the Joint Research Centre, aimed to provide reliable evidence based on patent data analysis to support European innovation policies for a Digital Single Market.  Industry representatives, digital innovation analysts and policy makers discussed the latest thinking on the following issues in the relationship between digital technologies and patents:

  3. 6 Mar 2015

    The conference in hosted by the Regional Government of Andalusia and will bring together experts, policy makers and EU, national and regional representatives.

  4. 25 Feb 2015
    26 Feb 2015

    The AGMEMOD (AGriculture MEmber states MODelling) model is used in the context of policy impact assessments. This workshop gathered AGMEMOD partners, modelling and market experts, and policy makers from the Western Balkan region and the European Union with three main objectives:

  5. 10 Dec 2014
    11 Dec 2014

    This is the third year that JRC-IPTS (Seville) hosts a General Equilibrium workshop to exchange views with researchers from all over Europe and all over the world.
    The presence of so many experts from the academic world and from the economic analysis units of the Commission has been a precious occasion to share views and compare approaches and methodologies.

    This workshop has been the result of a joint collaboration with DG REGIO to define its structure and the themes to be treated.

  6. 8 Dec 2014
    9 Dec 2014

    Entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise dynamics are at the core of technology development and growth. Comparative evidence on key drivers, patterns and trends, as well as framework conditions, and the way these shape entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise dynamics is critical for the design of effective policies in support of employment and inclusive economic growth.

  7. 20 Oct 2014
    10 Nov 2014

    To mark the twentieth anniversary of its arrival in Seville, IPTS is organising a series of conferences to explain its work to the local community.

    The aim is to show the role of the Institute in the development of European policies, and provide an opportunity to discuss directly with its staff the relevance of their work in various issues of social concern and their respective European policies.

    Conferences will be in Spanish.

    They are free and open to the general public.

  8. 20 Oct 2014
    10 Nov 2014

    Del lunes 20 de octubre al lunes 10 de noviembre, el Instituto de Prospectiva Tecnológica (IPTS) del Centro Común de Investigación de la Comisión Europea celebrará en la sala La Fundición un ciclo de cuatro conferencias y coloquios para explicar el papel que ejerce desde Sevilla como proveedor de soluciones y dictámenes científico-técnicos en el desarrollo de las políticas europeas.


  9. 2 Oct 2014
    3 Oct 2014

    The conference marks the launch of the S2E project, and will explain its rationale, objectives and roadmap, as well as allowing participants to share their experiences.

  10. 25 Sep 2014
    26 Sep 2014

    Workshop jointly organised by the JRC IPTS Agrilife Unit and Akdeniz University, Department of Economics and Centre for Economic Research on Mediterranean Countries (CREM); with support from Enlargement and Integration Action of the EC Joint Research Centre.