Past events

  1. 8 May 2015

    This high level conference will be the official launch of a series of discussions that the EU Scientific Steering Committee for Expo will follow during the course of the six months of the Expo. It will set in motion a process which will lead to a set of recommendations for decision makers on future priorities for research, development and innovation in the food and agricultural sector. This process will also indicate how the recommendations can best be implemented both within the EU institutions and beyond after the EXPO.

  2. 22 Oct 2014
    23 Oct 2014

    The aim of this workshop is to stimulate harmonisation in GMO analysis by illustrating the EU legal framework on GMOs.

  3. 7 Oct 2014
    8 Oct 2014

    This workshop will present these new developments with focus on migration testing. A session will also target new exposure tool for chemicals in foods including food contact materials.



  4. 15 May 2014

    The workshop will discuss current school food policy, knowledge gaps, and provide examples on best practice.

  5. 9 Apr 2013
    10 Apr 2013

    The Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (JRC-IHCP) and the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM) of the Joint Research Centre co-organise a workshop on "Trans fatty acids in diets: health and legislative implications" within the framework of the Enlargement & Integration Action (E&IA).

  6. 29 Nov 2011

    On 29th of November 2011 a workshop was organised on the "Sensory science for food contact materials safety". The scope of this workshop was to give an overview of the state of the art of sensory testing in the framework of Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 that states that food contact materials should not change the sensory properties of the food. The implementation of this article is hindered by the lack of guidance on methodologies adequately covering the testing of compliance of this article.

  7. 15 Apr 2010
    16 Apr 2010

    The migration of substances from plastic materials to contacting media obeys in most cases the law of diffusion because the diffusion process is the rate determining step. Due to advanced understanding of the mass transfer processes and translation into science-based computational tools, migration modelling has often become the method of choice for compliance testing by industry. Official controls should be able to have state of the art knowledge on theory and practice on the latest softwares in order to perform their duties on examining certificates of compliance.

  8. 24 Jun 2008
    27 Jun 2008

    Growing global deployment of GM crops in agricultural production and trade has led to increasing complexity in identity preservation operations of diverse agricultural commodity production supply chains within progressively more complex and evolving market demands.