Past events

  1. 23 Apr 2014

    In the light of the EC Council Presidency, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food are organising a high level conference on "Scientific Support to agriculture: competitiveness, quality and sustainability" in Athens on 23 April 2014.

  2. 3 Mar 2014
    6 Mar 2014

    The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) in Rome will host the second international conference on the collection and interpretation of traditional and non-traditional fishery dependent data.

    Comprehensive and reliable fisheries data and information is needed to provide sound scientific advice, feeding into fisheries management and policy frameworks in order to ensure sustainability in the fisheries sector and future profitable exploitation of fish stocks.

  3. 11 Feb 2014
    13 Feb 2014

    JRC-ITU organizes this workshop in cooperation with the US Department of State in the context of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit and addresses nations that participate in the Summit. More detailed information in available from the workshop web site.

  4. 6 Feb 2014
    7 Feb 2014

    The Joint Research Centre's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS) is hosting a meeting of the Accessibility group (Cluster 6) of the Network on European Communications and Transport Activities Research (NECTAR).

  5. 29 Jan 2014

    Official European launch event for the EU presence at Expo 2015 in the European Parliament in Brussels on invitation from the Italian government, in presence of Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission, Vice-President of the European Parliament, and Prime Minister of Italy.

    European Parliament, Brussels

  6. 18 Dec 2013

    In the context of the European Forum for Science and Industry, the JRC organises a series of Round Table discussions on Energy Transition from a European Perspective. In this framework the JRC prepares a Round Table on "Scientific support to energy markets" on 18 December 2013.

  7. 29 Nov 2013

    Restoring our competitiveness, ensuring economic growth and job creation is critical to re-launching the European economy and recovering from the current crisis. This also means exploiting fully the potential of sectors balancing sustainability and competitiveness, such as the building sector.

  8. 26 Nov 2013

    The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission is organising in Brussels on 26 November 2013 the first stakeholders round table of a three-year project to set up the bioeconomy observatory.

  9. 26 Sep 2013
    27 Sep 2013

    The 4th European Conference on Corporate R&D and Innovation (CONCORDi-2013) will focus on "Financing R&D and innovation for corporate growth in the EU: Strategies, drivers and barriers". It will take place from 26 to 27 September 2013 at the premises of the JRC’s Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS) in Seville, Spain. The two-day programme will address the financial challenges affecting the link between innovation and growth of European companies.

  10. 19 Sep 2013

    The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission and the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, Euro-CASE is organising a Round Table on the theme "The dialogue between science, technology and society around two cases: energy and climate change" to be held in Brussels on 19 September 2013.