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Apr 19 2018
Apr 20 2018

The widely recognized Global Bioeconomy Summit takes place in Berlin today and tomorrow with more than 700 participants from about 80 countries defining how bioeconomy would best contribute to green growth, the sustainable development goals and to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Apr 18 2018
Apr 19 2018

Migration becomes the main component of demographic changes in Europe.

Projections of future population trends by age and sex in Europe are insufficient.

They lack in assessing economic and social impacts of alternative migration scenarios.

Those projections also lack in evaluating the broader impacts of migration in Europe.

Assessing the impact of migration on Europe's changing population is essential for policymaking.

Apr 18 2018
Apr 20 2018
Steigenberger Hotel, Amsterdam

Learning from others using operational experience to improve the safety of nuclear power plants has been the mission of a group of experts from the JRC and member states in the last 10 years. The European Union has set up in 2008 a regional network to improve the collection and implementation of operational experience.

Apr 17 2018

To meet its broader climate and energy goals, Europe must modernise and expand its energy network.

The Baltic Energy Markets Interconnector Plan is a key component to an open and integrated electricity and gas market in the Baltic Sea region.

Apr 16 2018
Apr 19 2018

Digitisation, Automatisation and Decarbonisation are major trends that will drastically change the way we live, work and use mobility and transport in the future. Under the heading of “A digital Era for Transport”, the Transport Research Arena 2018 (TRA 2018) to be held on 16-19th April in Vienna, Austria, will explore, discuss and demonstrate these major paradigm shifts specifically directed at important areas of our life, such as transport, mobility, logistics and industrial production.

Apr 12 2018

The JRC-managed Smart Specialisation Platform is organising a Peer eXchange and Learning (PXL) workshop on multi-level governance for RIS3 as part of a new series of peer review workshops. It is organised by the S3 Platform in co-operation with the Basque Government and Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness. It brings together national, regional and sub-regional policy makers from EU countries, representatives from the European Commission and researchers on the field.

Apr 10 2018
Apr 13 2018
The European Commission, Joint Research Centre will have a booth (A2.232) during the Analytica fair 2018. Our team will provide you with information on reference materials.
Apr 09 2018
Apr 10 2018

How should policies be made? Ideally by policy makers making decisions after weighing the facts and reconciling the different values that exist in plural democratic societies.

Reality often looks different!

Operating at both sides of the science-policy interface is made challenging due to the over-supply of knowledge on one side and the complexity of the political process on the other.

The amount of information to be considered by the policy makers is overwhelming and ever more complex while our information processing can be skewed by our biases.

Apr 08 2018
Apr 13 2018

The European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2018 will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 8-13 April 2018.

Mar 22 2018
Mar 23 2018
Ispra (VA)

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this two-day workshop is to bring together policy analysts and researchers from the European Commission and the academia, to foster a practical exchange of ideas and experiences related to the impacts, uses and abuses of indicators, and to explore the implications for the design of scoreboards and indicator frameworks.


Thursday , 22nd March 2018