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This last plenary meeting (21-23 February) will be combined with a day centred around policy, on 24 February
Feb 21 2017
Feb 24 2017

The last plenary project meeting of the CASCADE (CAtastrophic Shifts in drylands: how CAn we prevent ecosystem DEgradation?) project (the project period runs until end June 2017) will held in Matera (Italy) from 21-23 February, with a day centred around policy on 24 February 2017. Key policymakers from EU and other European organisations will participate in the policy forum.

Further information is available on the CASCADE project website

Feb 16 2017
Feb 17 2017

The workshop is part of the OpenEdu Policies Project which the Joint Research Centre (JRC) carries out on behalf of Directorate General Education and Culture (DG EAC).

Feb 16 2017
Feb 20 2017

This year's annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) takes place in Boston from 16 - 20 February. This year's theme is "Serving society through science policy" and will bring together thousands of researchers, policymakers, science journalists and other curious individuals from all over the world.

Feb 08 2017
This JRC-COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) joint workshop will focus on strategies for collecting and sharing data gathered by citizens, with the aim to support a European early warning and rapid information system.
Feb 06 2017
Feb 07 2017

This European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action aims to promote coordination and collaboration between researchers and risk managers to identify common strategies at European level to deal with health issues around industrial contaminated sites more systematically. The final aim is to elaborate guidance documents on how to assess the health risks and health impacts around industrial contaminated sites, methods and tools for exposure assessment and risk management and communication.

Jan 26 2017
Jan 27 2017

The JRC is co-organising the XXIVth edition of the "Encuentro de Economía Pública"  ("Public Economics Meeting") together with the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales and the University of Castilla-La Mancha. This event will take place on the 26-27th January 2017, at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the University of Castilla-La Mancha at Toledo (Spain).

Dec 13 2016

Despite high public interest in supporting technological innovation in refugees' integration, the tech community active in this field faces challenges of funding, organisation and duplication. Better coordination and stronger interlinkages between key stakeholders, including public authorities, are needed to address these challenges and to make the innovations sustainable in the long-term.

Dec 13 2016
The conference will be an opportunity for policy makers from EU institutions to understand better the benefits of text mining in policy making processes, and pave the way forward for a better use of these solutions in policy making.
DanubeHack 2.0 DanubeHack 2.0
Dec 12 2016

The JRC are co-organising DanubeHack 2.0 which aims to collect evidence about the possible added value generated on top of open (geo) data, related application programming interfaces (APIs) and software tools, identified within the Danube region.

The event will also explore the potential of citizen science and participation in creating and using value added services and applications.

This is a follow-up from the sucessful Danube Hack 2015.

Dec 06 2016

DG JRC and DG RTD coorganise the final workshop of the MYGEOSS project (December 6th). It will show case mobile apps and web applications addressing eight main themes: Health Applications, Invasive Alien Species and Climate, Disaster Management, Water and Irrigation, Land Cover Change and Protected Areas, Education and Awareness, Urban Areas and Quality of Life and Air Quality and Weather.