Scientific support for Food Security and Global Governance

JRC conference - Brussels, 28 September 2011

The main objective of the conference was to examine in a scientific manner the necessity to increase production and competitiveness while respecting sustainable development in the framework of global governance. Key questions relating to food security were identified and debated, focusing on how research, technology and innovation can contribute to food for all. Interventions by high-level representatives of international organisations, key producer countries, stakeholders and EU political figures have taken place. The conference was an expression of the European Union's commitment to undertaking actions that will contribute to improving the world food situation in a sustainable manner.


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Agenda and Presentations  

Opening session: Why does an adequate and stable food supply require global measures?

  • Dominique Ristori, Director-General, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission
  • Marion Guillou file [280 KB] ,Présidente Directrice-Générale de l'Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA
  • Ann Tutwiler, Vice Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, (FAO)

First session: Agricultural production and sustainability: Will availability and access to resources (land, water) be the key determinants in future patterns of food production?

  • Joseph Alcamo file [1 MB] , United Nations, Chief Scientist, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Paulo Gouveia file [507 KB] , Director, Copa-Cogeca (Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations - General Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives)
  • Monty P. Jones file [1 MB] , Executive Director, Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, co-winner of the 2004 World Food Prize

Moderator: Mikael Karlsson, President, European Environment Bureau

Second session: Market information and transparency, food prices volatility in particular in the poorest countries.

  • HE Mohamed Ibn Chambas, Secretary-General of the African, Carribean and Pacific Group of States
  • Marc Sadler file [741 KB] , Team Leader, Agricultural and Rural Development Department, World Bank
  • Joachim von Braun file [1 MB] , Director of the Center for Development Research (ZEF), and Professor at University of Bonn, Germany
  • Jacques Delincé file [348 KB] , Head of Unit, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Moderator: Cristian Hera, Vice President, Romanian Academy

Third session: Global governance: Can a better governance of food supply and demand be the most efficient path to food security?

  • Hervé Lejeune, G20 French Presidency, General Council for Food, Agricultural and Rural Areas, Ministry of Agriculture, France
  • Sir Gordon Conway file [342 KB] , Professor of International Development, Imperial College, London
  • Phil Bloomer file [595 KB] , Director of Campaigns and Policy, OXFAM
  • Steve Howard, Founder and Secretary General, The Global Foundation
  • Jean-Louis Chomel, Head of Unit, DG Development and Cooperation – EuropeAid, European Commission

Moderator: Sir Brian Heap, President, European Academies Science Advisory Council, former Foreign Secretary, The Royal Society

Fourth session: The need for innovation: Where and how will science and technology, including bioeconomy, contribute to food for all?

  • Pierrick Givone file [744 KB] , Scientific Director, Cemagref, the French Research Institute in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Agriculture
  • Maive Rute, Director for Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food, Research and Innovation DG , European Commission
  • David Wilkinson file [1 MB] , Director, Joint Research Centre: GAM (Global Agriculture Monitoring) with MARS

Moderator: John Bensted-Smith, Director, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

Concluding Session

  • José Manuel Silva Rodriguez, Director-General, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission
  • Sir John Beddington file [1 MB] , UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser
  • Dominique Ristori, Director-General, DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission

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