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Presentations: Metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities - 2nd Workshop

DownloadJRC welcome address (Willem Janssens, JRC, EC)
DownloadJRP ENV54 MetroDecom project introduction (Jiri Suran CMI, CZ)
DownloadDecommissioning activities at JRC (Paolo Peerani, JRC, EC)
Session at ISF: New High-Throughput Measurement Systems for Radioactive Wastes Segregation and Free Release (Petr Kovar, CMI, CZ)
DownloadFree release measurement facility software components (Lukas Skala, Nuvia)
DownloadFree release measurement facility hardware components (Petr Kovar, CMI, CZ)
DownloadDevelopment of reference materials and standard sources (Daniel Zapata, PTB, DE)
DownloadControl of efficiency calibration for FRMF measurement campaign at JRC Ispra (Stratos Valakis, JRC, EC)
DownloadClearance measurements at JRC Ispra decommissioning site using FRMF (Tatjana Bogucarska, JRC, EC)
Session: Characterization of materials present on decommissioning sites (Simon Jerome, NPL, UK)
DownloadIntroduction to Characterization of materials present on decommissioning sites (Simon Jerome, NPL, UK)
DownloadMapping inside nuclear installations: developments & progress within the MetroDecom project (Thierry Branger CEA, FR/ Johan Sand, STUK,FI/ Doru Stanga, IFIN-HH, RO and Sven Boden, SCK-CEN, BE)
DownloadDevelopment of radiochemical analysis strategies for decommissioning activities ( Daniel Zapata Garcia, PTB, DE)
DownloadSampling based on Bayesian statistics and scaling factors (  Simon Jerome NPL, UK /Pierino de Felice, ENEA, IT)
Session: Radioactive waste repositories monitoring ( Simon Jerome, NPL, UK)   
DownloadIntroduction to Radioactive waste repositories monitoring (Simon Jerome, NPL, UK)
DownloadRadiocarbon detection based on laser spectroscopy ( Genoud Guillaume, VTT, FI)
DownloadAn Integrated Bubbler-LSC for On-Line Measurement of Gaseous and Aqueous Tritium and Carbon-14 ( Steven Bell, NPL, UK)
DownloadMetrological assessment of distributed temperature sensing techniques (Hay Bruno/ Guillaume Failleau, LNE, FR)
Session: Stakeholders engagement ( Pierino De Felice, ENEA, Italy) 
DownloadCreating impact ( Pierino De Felice, ENEA, Italy)   
DownloadImportance of standardisation for decommissioning (Miroslav Voytchev, Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), FR)
DownloadPerspective of decommissioning worldwide in view of metrological needs (Vladimir Michal, IAEA)
DownloadFree release measurements NUVIA experience (Michal Kazda, NUVIA, FR)
DownloadCalorimetry for radioactive waste characterization (St├ęphane Plumeri, ANDRA, FR)
DownloadOptimization of methodologies for Cs-137 contamination depth determination in concrete structures within the MetroDecom project  (Sven Boden, SCK-CEN, BE)
DownloadNon-Destructive Radiological and Material Characterization of Waste Packages on Decommissioning Sites (Andreas Havenith, AiNT)