Galleries & Videos

The JRC-ITU actively develops, hosts and utilises some of the worlds most advanced and pioneering equipment capable of analysing, identifying and interacting with highly radioactive material. Some of this below mentioned equipment is unique to the JRC-ITU and not available elsewhere in Europe or worldwide.

Overall the JRC-ITU has 24 hot cells capable of safely handling 1Mio Curies, with some 400 glove boxes throughout 30 alpha laboratories. Some of which are accessible to universities, national authorities, research organisations and industry, for highly specialised studies.

The dense range of facilities allow efficient analysis, investigation, study and reporting of the various aspects of nuclear fuels and fuel cycles, actinide properties, forensics and research.

JRC-ITU offers you a number of interesting photos and video's in the activities and fields of:

  • Basic Actinide Research
  • Materials Research
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Hot Cell Technology
  • Nuclear Fuels


If you wish to use these license-free photos, please credit the source as "Institute for Transuranium Elements" and notify us where they are being used.